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event: Barbecue
date: 25th October 2003 (Saturday)
weather: Fine ... 27C ... 73%
place: Aberdeen Country Park
summary: It was a very fine day. Some members brought along with their reptiles. We had great fun, specially in the evening time. We talked a lot between each of us naturally. The sincerity and genuineness are hardly seen in metropolises.
16:00   Visited the customers center which shows information and various specimens of local species, such as sea turtles, cobras, other snakes, birds, mammals and rocks. It was not a large center but worth staying for half hour indeed.
16:30   Then barbecue started nearby. Everyone of us was so nice and amicable. When there were no forks, we were easygoing and eating with hands naturally.
18:30   The dip of the sun, we could see nothing in the dark. We got a lamp then. A while later, a couple of experienced members led some other members to the hillside behind our barbecue site as a research. An hour later, they came back with smiles and we know they learnt a lesson.
21:30   Barbecue ended but some members would not yet like to dismiss. We kept on our good time overnight around TST.

Photos: 16:00
Customer Center
>> 16:30
BBQ started
>> 18:30
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