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HKRAS Volunteer Program:
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Volunteer Program

All of us at HKRAS are profoundly thankful and grateful for the vital services contributed by all sincere and enthusiastic helpers in our volunteer team. The HKRAS Volunteer Team is the first and only group specially works for herps in Hong Kong and an integral part of the Society. As a trailblazer, we need more volunteers to support us to help herps. No matter where you are from, what background you have, just only if you are enthusiastic and have a heart, you are most welcome to join our volunteer team.

Since our works are all related to reptiles and other wild animals, candidates will have to go through training and reach a basic level of knowledge and experience about these animals before being volunteers.

We are currently looking for the below volunteers:


Educational Presentation Assistant
- responsible for providing help in education presentations
- responsible for giving assistance in preparation of presentations
- good communication skill for children and adults is preferred
- for native English speaker only
- for HK applicants only
Herp Caretaker
- responsible for keeping herps temporarily
- knowledge & solid experience of keeping herps is a must
- able to offer sufficient room & equipment is a must
- for HK applicants only

Volunteer Coordinator
- responsible for routine contact & coordination between volunteers & the society
- good communication skill & patience is preferred
- for HK applicants only

Event Assistant
- responsible for providing help during meetings & events
- responsible for giving assistance in preparation & promotion of events
- for HK applicants only

Web Designer
- responsible for maintenance & development of HKRAS website
- knowledge of Dreamweaver / Flash / Photoshop
- for HK & oversea applicants
Graphic Designer
- responsible for photo edit, design of leaflets & posters, etc
- knowledge of Photoshop
- experienced in print work is preferred
- for HK & oversea applicants
General Assistant
- responsible for nonscheduled tasks such as information collection, promotion, herps delivery, etc
- for HK applicants only

Specialized Volunteer
- photography (DC/DV), video edit, writing, arts & crafts, translation, etc
- any kinds of your special skill are dedicated to the society and they would work out to herps ultimately
- for HK & oversea applicants

HKRAS Volunteer Program:
Download Application Form
By joining us, you will find it a very meaningful work and you will get something more than just wage - unique experience & satisfaction. Every volunteer would be given a record of work. Active volunteers would be fully credited and given a letter of recommendation. On behalf of the herps and all animals that you help, thank you for contributing your precious time and energy, and for helping us herp herps.
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