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Animal Surrender
For people facing a situation where
they must surrender their pets..

To Give An Animal:

Send details of Animals (better with a photo) to us at

Email :

No Euthanasia
We will never put down any animal in any situation.


Can't help but to give it away.. but to who/where?
For many reasons, some people have no choice but to give away their herps. How would you settle them?

Release in the wild?
No! They are usually not native species. Local habitat and weather are unfit for them to live. In addition, long term captives are unlikely to get acclimated living wild quickly enough to survive. They may turn out to become prey in the wild. You are not setting them free but letting them DIE! That is a totally irresponsible behavior. Furthermore, local wildlife and ecology could be harmed by introduced species. The case of Red-eared sliders is a good example.

Give to a friend?
It would be great only if your friend is interested, competent and available to take care of the animals plus knowledgeable as well as experienced in the species, and his family accept it. If he/she does not fit in with ALL of above, why risk your herps life? We have people who can take better care of them.

Send back to petshop?
I think we have seen too much about how herps are treated there..

Place a classified ad?
It was a great idea and you will probably have many replies. However, how do you identify and choose the right person to give your herps to? Everyone who shows up claims to have so much experience and a great deal of dedication. How could you know who's telling the truth? We have seen for times in the news that swindlers "adopted" a herp through internet then immediately sold it for some money. What is worse, some "adopted" herps did not go to the vivirium but dinner table as "exotic food"...

Dogs & cats adoptions?
They primarily deal with cats and dogs, maybe some rabbits and hamsters. Herps are totally different and unique. Even a common turtle or frog requires specialized knowledge, experience and equipment to keep it living well.

Think twice before you make the decision. It could be fatal for your herps. Don't risk their lives! Let us help you out.

If you have to give away your animal(s), fill up the Animal Surrender Form and we will do the rest.





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